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instructions dress code joeurs golf Bonmont


To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone attending the Bonmont Golf Club, members and their guests are requested to adhere strictly to the Bonmont dress code. The dress code is presented clearly and precisely in the Club Secretary’s office, at the Château reception. The secretariat, the starter, the sheriff, all Bonmont staff members and the BCC Committee have the authority to enforce the dress code.

General Etiquette

Let the starter or secretariat know you are there before teeing off.
Take care of the course: do not throw away litter or cigarette ends; pick up your divots.
Before leaving a bunker, rake the sand to erase all the traces that you have left and, if necessary, traces left by others.
Try to keep up a pace in your game that will not affect anyone else.
Those teeing off from tee 10 do not have precedence.

Dress code for practice and on the course

instructions dress code joeurs golf Bonmont

Correct dress for men:

Golf trousers or Bermuda shorts
Polo shirt with collar and sleeves, tucked into the trousers
Closed golf shoes
A cap, visor or hat worn correctly.

The following are not permitted:

Denim jeans
Short shorts, or tennis or other sports shorts
¾ length trousers
Shorts or Bermudas with cargo-style pockets
Tee-shirts without collars and/or without sleeves
Open shoes

Correct dress for ladies:

Golf trousers, Bermuda shorts or Skirt
Polo shirt with a collar, with or without sleeves
Closed golf shoes
A cap, visor or hat worn correctly.

The following are not permitted:

Denim jeans
Tops with low necks or straps
Open shoes

For all:

Mobile phones are not permitted for practice or on the course.
Shoes with metal nails are prohibited

Dress code hotel and club house

Denim jeans are allowed, provided that they are neat, of uniform colour and without holes or tears.
Shirts may be worn outside the trousers if designed for this.
Caps should be taken off.
After a round of golf, all players are asked to take care to clean their golf shoes before entering the Clubhouse.
Generally, correct and tidy clothing is requested, for the enjoyment of everyone.