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Exclusive interview with Romain Caschera, our Pastry Chef

Back on our exchange with Romain under the sign of gluttony and lightness.

The creator behind the (oh delicious!) pastries of Bonmont

The setting was perfect: our veranda overlooking the golf course on a sunny February morning. Beautiful morning when we met Romain, the pastry chef for the past year at Château de Bonmont. Originally from Isère (France), Romain knew since his childhood that he would work in hospitality. Firstly as a cook, he quickly moved on to pastry making, his first love. Eclectic, curious, globe-trotting and on the lookout for new discoveries, Romain made his mark in the United States, on the West Coast, then in England (3 years) where he met our chef Julien Martineau. Let’s take a look back at our exchange under the sign of gourmandise and lightness.

Back to basics

Working with simple perfumes such as vanilla (his favourite flavour), praline, chocolate… Romain shares with us his love of traditional desserts such as Saint-Honoré. He enjoys working on these great classics while going out of the box. Thus, since his experience in the United States, he has undertaken the project of diminishing the level of sugar in his pastries while preserving the gourmet and “pleasure” side.

More than pastries, they are pleasant and light end-of meal sweets

With the presence of golf practice, Bonmont’s clientele is mostly sporty and concerned about healthy eating. The dessert menu is composed of great classics revisited to the tastes of this clientele, who want to enjoy a light and delicious pastries with low sugar content. An interesting challenge for Romain who offers a regularly changing Pastries Carte based on undenatured products, with one dessert out of two being allergen-free.

Satisfy all our guests, from the first... to the last spoon!

To continually adapt to customer requirements and diets, Romain understood this statement and adopted this line of conduct at Bonmont. For example, he currently offers à la carte hot mousse with exotic fruits, a gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian dessert. With the sweet and sour contrast of the passion fruit and the contrast in temperature (hot/cold), this dessert has won the hearts of our guests which is a  great satisfaction for Romain who believes that his work continues far beyond the kitchen, “down to the last spoonful of the customer”.

Palettes of colours and flavours for the coming months…

On the breakfast side, in 2020, Romain offers two new products with the addition of delicious madeleines and French financiers. Depending on the mood of the day, other surprises will be on offer at our breakfast buffet. Romain is looking forward to working on the spring and summer dessert menu around red fruits (cherries). He promises a menu that is both gourmet and fruity while keeping the lightness so much appreciated by our guests.

2020 also marks the desire to work on the patisserie/wine pairing to satisfy a clientele eager to savour a good wine with dessert. 2019 was a positive year for Romain who was able to understand Bonmont’s DNA, the needs of the clientele and thus propose a menu with surprising flavours. Romain naturally wishes to continue this momentum by continuing to treat our guests and to work with the waiters to enrich the menu with client feedback.


Find Romain’s gourmet creations every day in our restaurant Le Cercle – 13/20 at GaultMillau.

Open from 12 pm to 2:30 pm and from 19 pm to 9:30 pm, 7 days a week. Possibility to come and have a gourmet snack in the afternoons.

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